• Shelly Elliott

In the words of J.Lo, "I'm Real."

I’m a real person, real engineer, real wife, real consultant, real daughter, real problem solver, real friend, real advocate, real get-it-doner, and a real woman. I use the term real to not only emphasize that I am not imaginary or made up (I went to Notre Dame so I am dispelling any potential for Manti Te’o’s girlfriend part two.) but as a synonym for authentic, a buzz word in today’s leadership and business acumen. Why not just use authentic you say? Well, Jennifer Lopez (aka. J.Lo) did not write the song I’m Authentic. In all seriousness, I prefer to use real because authentic has been incredibly over-used in the books and articles I have read, podcasts I have listened to, and conversations that I have had the past few years that I no longer feel anything when I say, read, or write the word. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying I’m inauthentic; I’m saying I am real to be honest and connect with my readers.

My goal for this blog is to share who I am, and the experiences I have had both professionally and personally in my career and life with the hope that I can relate to and inspire other women along the way. My Bachelor's degree is in chemical engineering and I spent the first three years of my professional career doing real engineering in the refining industry. Though some of my blog posts will use specific examples from the engineering field, the overarching theme, concepts, and strategies can be transferred to any field. I wear many hats and have a variety of interests that you will read about as the blog unfolds. I will also be inviting guest-bloggers to contribute, giving additional perspectives, strategies, and advice.

A non-exhaustive list of topics includes:

  • “A day in the life” of Shelly Elliott in the different engineering and consulting roles I have had

  • Making tough decisions

  • What to major in at college

  • What job offer to accept

  • Realizing that my perspective had changed and asking my fiancé to be open to the possibility of moving across the country again

  • Deciding to go back to school for my MBA

  • Setting goals

  • Working in a male-dominated environment

  • Networking and its importance (I got my first internship at a Notre Dame-USC tailgate)

  • Making time for reflection and reaction

  • Many other topics- feel free to suggest!

While I don’t claim to be an expert on any of these topics, I do promise to be true and real in my writing, to encourage and support you in your life, and to answer any questions you may have. And I truly mean that about answering any questions! I have always had a passion for connecting with other people, hearing about their experiences, and helping them in any way I can. Since college, I have mentored young girls and women, asking thought provoking questions and providing a different perspective. If there is something you want an outside perspective on regarding your professional career or balancing your work life with your real life, drop me a note on the Contact page!


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