Outside the Office

I am a small-town girl with big-time dreams. I grew up in Bradford, Pennsylvania, a town of 8,000 people nestled in the Allegheny National Forest that consistently makes the Weather Channel for frigid temperatures and record snowfall in the winter. The city motto is "Cool town, warm hearts" and Bradford truly boasts an incredibly supportive community that pulls together both in times of disaster and celebration. Honestly, I did not appreciate how much Bradford influenced my life until I left.

My parents knew each other since second grade, but never dated until they were 27. My mom is chiropractor and my dad is a teacher at the high school I graduated from (Needless to say, I didn't date a boy within a 30 mile radius.) and in 2010 retired as the head boys basketball coach at Bradford High. I grew up the coach's daughter, and while it wrecked some havoc on my social life, it was a small sacrifice in order to be around my dad's coaching and teams where I learned invaluable life lessons.

I wanted to go to Notre Dame since the time I was 6 years old, and my dream came true on December 19, 2007 when I received a letter saying "Welcome Home." My four years at Notre Dame were an education of my mind, heart, and spirit. I met some of my best friends at ND and experienced things I never dreamt were possible, including studying abroad in Spain, giving a speech at the dedication dinner for the Stinson-Remick College of Engineering building where I got to sit next to Father Ted Hesburgh, experiencing Rejoice Mass celebration in the African tradition with one of my best friends, and working a college basketball Game Day. In the blink of an eye, I was graduating and moving to Houston, Texas, to start my career with ExxonMobil.

God through a curve ball my way, however, when I thought I would have a relaxing, uneventful two months before my move. I was introduced to Scott Elliott, the Sports Information Director at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford, at the City Line, a little dive bar in town with scrumptious chicken wings that is "home of the deep fried pickle." After two dates, I knew I was in deep trouble and head over heels in love.  After doing long distance for fifteen months, Scott moved to Houston in October, 2013, and we got engaged on my 25th birthday and the day I became a godmother, September 13, 2014. Scott and I became puppy parents in April, 2015, when we adopted our rescue pup Biscuit. We got married July 23, 2016, and 5 days after our honeymoon, Scott and I moved to Pittsburgh. The reasons behind our move will be the subject of a future blog post, but I'll preview it by saying getting married changed our perspective on certain things, and we wanted to be closer to family. Scott is incredibly supportive of my career, and when I received an offer from Arconic, he immediately said, "Let's do this!" 

It's been a whirlwind five and a half years with Scott, but we have learned so much about each other and brought out the best in one another. We both share a love of sports, outdoors, travel, exercise, and reading. 

Mom and Dad, 2011. Married 29 years and still going strong.

Me and Pug, 1994. We've always loved the Irish!

Julie, Me, Nneka, 2011. Me with my roommates and best friends at ND Prom on the Lawn.

Matt, Becca, Me, Rachel, 2011. Tailgating before an ND football game.

Rachel, Liz, Dacey, Me, 2010. Tailgating before ND-USC game.

Scott and Me, NYC 2010. 5 weeks into our relationship, dinner in NYC.

Scott and Me, NYC 2010. 5 weeks into our relationship, dinner in NYC.

Mr. & Mrs. Scott Elliott, July, 2016.  The best day of our lives.

Biscuit Duke Elliott, 2015.  Our rambunctious, playful, cuddle-loving pup.

Biscuit Duke Elliott, 2015.  Our rambunctious, playful, cuddle-loving pup.